Ha Noi

Vietnam's capital is a city with one foot firmly planted in the fascinating 1000-year history, and the other firmly aimed for the future. Walking down the streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter will transports you back in time.


Many places in Hanoi are listed as world heritage sites, such as museums, traditional craft villages, and rich culinary culture. All of which are definitely a perfect for both MICE tourism and leisure travel.


Best time to visit:

With its pleasant weather, Hanoi is best explored from October to April. Avoid the humid summer months for a more comfortable experience.


What to do:

-Savor Egg Coffee: Treat yourself to a unique and delicious Hanoi specialty - egg coffee. Head to one of the city's iconic cafes, such as Giang Cafe, and indulge in a cup of this creamy concoction made with whipped egg yolks, coffee, and condensed milk. The rich and velvety texture combined with the aromatic coffee flavor is a true delight for your taste buds.


-Explore the Faded Grandeur of the French Quarter: Take a stroll through Hanoi's charming French Quarter, also known as the Old Quarter, and immerse yourself in its architectural beauty and colonial-era ambiance. Admire the ornate buildings, narrow winding streets, and vibrant colors that reflect the city's historical past.


-Discover Historic Venues near Hoan Kiem Lake: Visit the area surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi, and explore its historic venues. Walk across the iconic red Huc Bridge to reach Ngoc Son Temple, perched on a small island in the lake.


-Marvel at the temple's intricate architecture and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Don't miss the chance to witness the legendary giant tortoise, believed to bring good fortune.


-Delight in Hanoi's Culinary Scene: Hanoi is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, and you'll find an array of local and international flavors to tantalize your taste buds.


-Explore the bustling street food stalls in the Old Quarter and sample traditional dishes like pho (noodle soup), bun cha (grilled pork with noodles), and banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). For a more upscale experience, head to one of Hanoi's acclaimed restaurants and bars that offer a fusion of Vietnamese and international cuisine.


-Visit the Temple of Literature: Step back in time and visit the Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first national university. This well-preserved complex is dedicated to Confucius and honors scholars and literary accomplishments. Explore the beautiful courtyards, ancient pavilions, and serene gardens while learning about the country's rich educational heritage.


-Experience the Bustling Night Market: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Hanoi's night market, held in the Old Quarter during the weekends. Wander through the bustling streets filled with vendors selling a variety of goods, from clothing and accessories to handicrafts and souvenirs. Sample local snacks and street food as you soak up the lively ambiance and immerse yourself in the local culture.

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